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Can you co-parent from a distance?

Multiple studies have determined that co-parenting generally provides a sturdier base of support for children of divorce when compared with sole custody.

However, not every divorced couple will stay within visiting proximity of one another for the duration of their kid’s childhood. But is it even possible to continue co-parenting when one parent moves away?

Learning to value quality over quantity

Onward App looks into ways to maximize long-distance co-parenting for children and parents alike. Many co-parents have to go through this situation every year for various reasons. In some cases, a parent may relocate due to active military service. In others, they may have to take care of an elderly, ill or injured relative.

Whatever the case, it is still possible for a divorced couple to work together as co-parents even if one no longer lives in the area. Whether this is a long or short-term arrangement, adjustments are easy to make.

The first thing is that the parent living at a distance must learn to prioritize quality over quantity regarding the time they spend with their kids. Obviously, every parent wants to spend as much time as possible with their children, but that is not always the realistic option.

Focus on strengthening your bond

Thus, focus on points that can help build and strengthen the parent-child bond rather than simply trying to reach out as many times in a day or week as possible.

Utilize technology, too. This era offers incredible options for keeping in contact with family members from great distances, and it would be remiss not to take advantage of it.