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Why Hire Platt, Thompson and Buescher?

Choosing the right attorney can change your life. Whether you are facing criminal charges, recovering from an accident or need guidance through a difficult divorce, you want a trusted legal guide who is not afraid to fight the tough fight on your behalf. At Platt, Thompson and Buescher, we firmly believe in doing everything we can to minimize the impact of legal problems on your life. Our attorneys have over 80 years of combined legal experience and are known in northwest Washington as the firm that takes on the big cases and wins. Learn more about our attorneys here:

If you are still not sure what to look for in an attorney, we are happy to answer your questions.

Where We Come From

Craig Platt and Mimi Buescher have worked together since the 1980s. They met when Craig was teaching one of his classes for public defenders in Seattle. After serving with the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Attorney General’s Office in Saipan, they started the firm of Craig Platt and Associates in Coupeville back in 1990, serving the citizens of Island and San Juan counties.

Over the years they expanded their criminal defense and family law practice, serving clients throughout northwest Washington, from Grays Harbor to Bellingham. Brent Thompson, now their law partner, began working with them in 2010, while he was still in law school. Brent was born and raised in Oak Harbor and has focused his entire legal career on representing the citizens of Island County.

Today their main offices are in Coupeville and Seattle. They are the local go-to law firm on Whidbey Island, including Oak Harbor and the Naval Air Station. Many of their clients are military personnel or their families.

A Small Firm That Does Big Things

Not many firms of any size, much less other small firms, can boast the type of results we achieve at Platt, Thompson and Buescher. We have no lightweights on our team; every attorney is a heavy hitter with a proven track record of results.

Our three attorneys work together as a team. For example, it is typical that DV assault criminal cases and domestic violence protection orders also have underlying family law issues. So our attorneys work together to develop a comprehensive strategy. In addition, in serious felony cases, Brent focuses on pre-trial motions and Craig more on trial preparation.  This “two heads are better than one” approach is unique to our firm, at least locally. That said, we are all comfortable with all aspects of case analysis and trial preparation.

Attorney Craig Platt is our “magician,” a term coined by a local judge because of his success in the courtroom, winning acquittals in the toughest criminal cases. Craig would rather attribute his success to a combination of hard work, decades of experience, tenacity and creativity. He is aggressive in the courtroom but easygoing with his clients. His goal is to be accessible and open with his clients, avoiding legalese mumbo jumbo and explaining complex legal concepts in basic terms people can understand. He tells his clients what they need to hear, but not necessarily what they want to hear.

Mimi Buescher is our fierce family law litigator. She assists clients with all aspects of dissolution, custody, support and parentage actions. She understands, however, that not everyone wants their divorce to be a battleground. She regularly works with clients in collaborative cases, helping them find a peaceful resolution to a difficult situation.

Brent Thompson joined the firm as an associate in 2011 and quickly became an important asset to the team in the areas of criminal defense, post-conviction relief, personal injury and family law. He is now the newest partner of Platt, Thompson and Buescher. He is known as one of the top post-conviction relief attorneys in the state, but also has an active caseload of criminal and family law cases. Oak Harbor District Court is practically his second home. As an Oak Harbor native, Brent has countless friends and family members on the island. He also teaches NRA classes in gun safety and firearms law, and like Craig and Mimi, volunteers at local schools to help teach legal concepts to students.

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