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Compassionate And Trusted Family Law Guidance

Family law matters often involve the people and things most important to us. If you are dealing with a family law case in court, you may also face emotional turmoil while you worry about your financial future and the well-being of your children. The good news is that an experienced family law attorney can help you stabilize the situation and shield your children from conflict, all while protecting your rights.

Attorney Mimi Buescher is the lead family law attorney at Platt, Thompson and Buescher. With over 30 years of experience helping Washington families move forward with their lives, she is well-known as a fierce advocate for her clients. She is the go-to family law lawyer for Whidbey Island, with offices in Coupeville and Seattle.

 A Full-Service Family Law Practice

Family law can involve many different types of issues that affect you and your family. Most of our clients come to us for the following:

  • Divorce – Much of our family law practice focuses on both contested and uncontested divorce and the many issues they entail.
  • Property divisionDividing property can be one of the more complex and confusing aspects of a divorce, but we can help you understand the law and advocate for your financial future. You deserve your fair share. We will also advise you regarding whether spousal support is likely in your case.
  • Child custody – Nothing is more important than your children, and we can help you protect your time with them, as well as create a parenting plan that works for your family. We also will assist you with the complexities of petitioning for a Minor Guardianship.
  • Child support – Washington state guidelines provide a standard for applying child support.
  • Paternity – We represent clients with different types of parentage actions, including establishing or contesting paternity.
  • Military divorce – A large portion of our clients come from the naval base in Oak Harbor, so we understand the unique issues in these cases.
  • Modifications – Most aspects of a divorce decree can be modified if your circumstances change in the future.
  • Collaborative divorce – This method of resolving a separation works well for people who value a peaceful resolution and can agree on important aspects of their divorce.
  • Domestic violence – We can assist you with domestic violence protection orders, as well as criminal charges.
  • Committed intimate relationships – For parties who have established a legally recognized committed relationship, although not married, we can assist in determining what sort of rights may apply to your circumstances, including rights to property which was acquired during the relationship.

No matter what type of situation you have, rest assured that our lawyers are here for you and ready to fight to protect the matters most important to you. Attorney Mimi Buescher is a highly skilled litigator, ready to put those skills to work for you.

Can You Avoid A Courtroom Battle?

Few people relish the idea of fighting their domestic battles in a courtroom. At times, it cannot be avoided. For others, however, they may hope to come to an agreement with the other side and settle things quietly. In addition to being a tenacious litigator, Mimi also works collaboratively on cases where the parties wish to avoid hotly contested litigation. She was elected to the Board of Collaborative Professionals of Washington and is a qualified Mediator. Mimi believes in the mediation process as a valuable tool that enables parties to reach agreements regarding their family law issues and avoid the anxiety and costs of going to court.

Creating your own settlement agreement has many advantages, including more control over the outcome and a solution tailored to the needs of your family. You may still have to go before a judge to have the agreement approved, but the judge is likely to approve your agreement as long as it meets legal requirements. Mimi’s skill and guidance can help you create an agreement that satisfies the judge but also protects your future.

Discuss Your Family Law Matter With Us

You can call Platt, Thompson and Buescher about any family law matter. We look forward to discussing your situation and helping you find a resolution. Contact our Coupeville office to schedule an appointment by calling 360-474-3994 or reaching out online.