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Divorce can create many worries about the future. You may be particularly concerned about your finances after the divorce. Having a trusted attorney by your side to fight for a fair outcome and protect what is yours can make sure you come out of your divorce with a bright future ahead.

The divorce attorneys at Platt, Thompson and Buescher, are here to help you do just that. Our lead divorce attorney, Mimi Buescher, is well-known on Whidbey Island and throughout northwest Washington as a fighter and top-notch litigator for her clients. She will not allow you to be taken advantage of throughout your divorce case.

Understanding Washington’s Community Property Laws

Washington is a community property state, which means that the law views all property acquired by the couple during the marriage as belonging to both people equally. Therefore, the court may divide any of that property, including retirement accounts, real estate and business interests.

The law requires a fair and equitable distribution of any marital property, but this does not necessarily mean that each party receives an equal share. Many factors can change this equation. In addition, the court may award spousal maintenance to help offset a major difference in income and assist the other party financially. High-asset divorces also involve many complex property matters that may require financial experts to weigh in. Our highly experienced family law team knows how to manage these issues and advocate for your financial future.

We Understand Military Divorce

Many people are surprised to find out that military divorces have special considerations that differ from a civilian divorce. For the most part, these considerations revolve around property division due to special rules regarding military benefits and retirement plans. Military personnel often have unique child custody concerns, as well. A large portion of our family law clients come from the Naval Station in Oak Harbor, so we are well-versed in the unique concerns around military divorce.

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