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Should my divorce go to trial?

When you are facing divorce, there are many things that you need to consider. From determining a custody agreement to dividing your assets, your divorce is full of significant decisions to make. One of your first decisions should be whether you want your divorce to go to trial or not. A divorce can take several months or even years to resolve, which is why you should know the benefits of the resolution method you are considering.

Considering collaboration

A collaborative divorce allows both spouses to work together and resolve their divorce on their own terms. They can avoid spending more time, money, and energy by working together and coming to an agreement on their own. Through alternate options like negotiation, mediation and arbitration, you can have a greater influence on the results of your divorce, setting you up for a better tomorrow.

The benefits of a trial

Going to trial in your divorce may not seem like the right decision, but it could be in your best interests. Sometimes, a spouse may refuse to cooperate at all or have unreasonable compromise goals that you simply cannot meet. When you cannot find a way to settle things on your own, a judge has the power to keep things moving and also uses their impartial position to keep things fair as well. Going to trial may not always yield the results you were hoping for, but it can keep you from getting tied up in endless negotiations.

No Matter Your Choice, Do Not Do It Alone

Whatever option you are considering resolving your divorce with, do not make the mistake of doing it alone. An attorney is an invaluable resource that can help you settle things quickly, set reasonable goals, and avoid costly mistakes. Let the guidance of an experienced family law attorney help you protect your best interests through every step of your divorce.