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What types of protection orders are available in Seattle?

In Seattle, there are five types of orders for protection. Each order protects you from a different type of harm.

Knowing the difference between these orders will help you decide which is best for your situation.

Temporary extreme risk protection order

If someone is threatening you, your family or themselves with a firearm, you can apply for this type of order. The order forces a person to surrender their firearm for the duration of the order.

Domestic violence protection order

This type of order protects you from someone that you live with. It can be a roommate, partner or spouse. It is useful if someone you live with hurts or threatens you. The offending party is normally asked to leave.

Sexual assault protection order

If someone is behaving in an inappropriate sexual manner towards you or a family member, the sexual assault protection order can help to stop the behavior before it escalates. You can request this order on anyone who causes you sexual harm.

Stalking protection order

When someone is scaring you by harassing or following you, you can ask for a stalking protection order. You can place this order on anyone who is stalking you online or in person.

Antiharassment protection order

If you are being unlawfully harassed by someone, this order works similarly to a cease and desist. This order is useful if someone is bothering or scaring you on purpose without a valid reason.

Many of these orders overlap and are sometimes the only way to stop someone who is placing your physical or mental health at risk.