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Is Kavanaugh a Rapist? The question matters.

Imagine that you have small children.

Imagine that you have a big date planned with your spouse and desperately need a baby sitter.

Imagine that you hear about a local high school boy, who comes highly recommended, is smart and charming, a stand out scholar, who baby sits.

It’s a little weird, a boy baby sitter, but you don’t want to be sexist so you hire him.

The morning of the big dinner date, you get a call. It’s a girl who says that the boy baby sitter held her down at a party and sexually molested her, after he and another boy locked her in a room.

What would you do? Say, “Oh, Heck, Who cares? I’ve got a big date with my Spouse! I don’t care if he’s a rapist! Dinner is way more important!”

I’m thinkin’…Naaaaaahhhhh.

You’d cancel the babysitting Rapist and find someone else, or bag dinner. Right? (Please say yes. If not, you can quit reading right now.)

Brett Kavanaugh has just been accused of doing exactly what the baby sitter allegedly did. He is about to be hired to be the Babysitter of our Way of Life. There is no dinner date. We need to find out what this is all about.

If we forge blindly ahead, without first at least considering the incredibly serious allegations that have been made against Kavanaugh, we are entrusting our Constitution to someone we wouldn’t trust with our kids.

Moreover, the allegations may be false. HOW would any of us know? I wasn’t there, were you? I’d need to review the evidence before even thinking about whether or not he is guilty.

We need to know.

But I already know that I would not need to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that he tried to rape someone before I would have let him near my kids. The accusation would have been enough to make me think twice.

By the same token, if there is sufficient evidence to bring into question whether or not he may have committed this crime, personally I’d want to know more before I thought it would be ok to put the future of the country in his hands.

Why anyone would want to rush into that decision baffles me.

It’s not about politics.  It’s about decency.